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Our Story: Discover the Kidd Interiors Experience



Welcome to the creative force behind Kidd Interiors. My passion for transforming spaces was sparked during my A'level art studies, where the vibrant world of interiors, colours, and the art of transformation captured my heart.

Driven by a passion that goes beyond the surface, I delved into the world of painting, renovating, and DIY projects, uncovering the magic concealed within each nook and cranny. With a heart pulsating with creativity and a mind overflowing with ideas, I embarked on a personal journey—turning my own living spaces into canvases of innovation.

From mastering the subtleties of trades to navigating the intricacies of DIY endeavours, every stroke of paint and every carefully chosen furnishing became a testament to my dedication. Thirteen years ago, armed with unwavering passion and hands-on experience, I took a leap of faith and founded Kidd Interiors.

Now, I'm here to bring that same dedication to your spaces. Whether you're dreaming of a cosy nook or a complete home transformation, I'm ready to make it a reality. Let's craft your dream space together. Contact me, and let's get started on your personalised Kidd Interiors journey!


Welcome to Kidd Interiors, where dreams unfold in living colour!

Maria Kidd  PGdip

Director and Founder

Kidd Interiors 

"where dreams unfold in living colour"

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Reviews Kidd Interiors
Reviews Kidd Interiors

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Kidd Interiors, Interior Designs, Buckinghamshire UK



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